Hey, it's me, Alice. Are you looking at my cute ears? I KNOW you're looking at my cute ears! Because everyone does! They are super cute now because Young at Heart rescued me after I was found on the streets during the really cold winter of 2018-19. They were frostbitten and the tips were starting to fall off. I also had an injured jaw, most likely an injury from my time being lost. No one came for me at the shelter, so Young at Heart scooped me up and never looked back. My ears were surgically treated and my jaw healed nicely. And the bonus is that I'm as sweet as can be! I am a 10-year-old, tortoiseshell kitty. I’m as sweet as pie and my favorite pastimes are eating, playing and napping. I especially love being loved on and being near you, especially when I can curl up in your lap and cuddle!  I am very playful and can often be found chasing a ball every now and then. I'm excellent with my litter box. Did I mention that I'm also an excellent listener? I am, you can tell me all about your day or your opinions on politics or your favorite memories, and I'll just purr with happiness listening to you. I do well with other chill kitties like me, too, and probably wouldn't mind a respectful dog. I'm just a Very Good Girl! But the thing that would make me happiest is a family to call my own in my golden years. Are you the family I’m waiting for?


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