Black Tiger Tabby

Hi there! I'm Jax, a very very sweet kitty who came to Young at Heart. Now, the first thing you will notice about me is that I am NOT a senior! Whoops! The shelter told Young at Heart that I was 8 years old and about to be euthanized with my best buddy Joey, so Young at Heart saved us both. But SURPRISE! We're youngsters! I'm like 4 years old. Whoops! That's okay though, because we're alive and happy, and that's awesome. So, here's the thing - I LOVE Joey. And Joey LOVES me. So if you want a ready-made set of kitties that will keep each other company when you're not home, look no farther! We're right here! And we are awesome kitties! We have lots of playful energy and we are great with other cats and dogs. We are healthy and are the sweetest little kitties. Stop by to visit us at the Lake Zurich Petco so you can see that we are super outgoing and have oh so much love to give! We are both volunteer favorites!

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