Brown Tabby
7 years

Hi there! I'm Pistachio, and I am FABULOUS! I am such a cool kitty that you will instantly want to scoop me up and take me home with you. Did you know that my nickname is 'stache? I'm super laid back and sweet, and I love to snuggle. I'm a friendly guy BUT not so much with those canine beasts. They make me a little jumpy, so please only scoop me up if you have other kitties. Cats rule, dogs drool. It would be cool to be adopted with my buddy, Baby Girl, since we came from the same home, but it's not required since we're not really attached at the hip. We're two independent kitties. I'd love a quite house with grown ups who will snuggle me, love me, and realize just what a cool dude I am! Can I join your home?

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