Adoption Pending!
11 years

I am part of a bonded pair.

Hi there! I'm Sampson, and I am a very outgoing and friendly guy who is happy to be safe and sound with my housemate, Sonny. I am the bolder one of the two of us, and if you come to meet us, I'll be running to get the love and attention from you, while Sampson hangs back. I am a bit of an attention hog, so I'm very popular. I love my housemate Sonny, and he really needs me to feel safe and secure, so the two of us are a package deal. Sonny and I need to be adopted together, as we've been together our whole lives and we make each other feel safe and comfortable. We're both healthy and good with our litterboxes, and we are instant companions for someone. No need to worry if we'll get along! Will you make two older kitties dreams come true and bring the two of us home together?

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