A little change is a great thing! Join our #Change4Pets challenge and become a part of something amazing for senior pets in need!


  • Check your couch cushions, the floor of your car, and your pockets for loose change to donate!
  • That jar of change that you've been waiting to cash in for something important? Now's the time!
  • Put out a change collection container at your desk and encourage your co-workers to help.
  • Start a "penny war" with friends, neighbors, coworkers, or classroom to see who can collect the most change for Young at Heart!
  • Kids can help, too! Run a lemonade stand, sell your artwork or bracelets, or do an extra chore or two!


    Take a photo of you and/or your pets with the change, and tag your photo on social media with #Change4Pets! When you are ready, cash in your change and send a check to donate it to Young at Heart! Be sure to put #Change4Pets in the memo of your donation so we can keep track of how much of our shelter was built with the coins of people like you who would love to see more senior pets get a second chance!

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