Tiger 1.5.18

Tiger, but he likes to be called Tigy. He’s around 15 years old. He’s a sweet, lovable cat. He can get aggressive toward new people. My grandparents are both hospitalized and cannot care for him. I can’t have pets where I live either. He’s neutered and declawed. Tiger… Read More

Phoebe 1.30.18

I have been the loving companion of an elderly lady for 11 years and sadly she has passed away. Now I need a good home, so I too can enjoy my final years. My name is Phoebe and I am a Cocker Spaniel and Poodle mix (aka Cockapoo) so I don’t shed, and am an 11 year old sp… Read More

Kiti 2.6.18

Kiti is a completely declawed, neutered loving senior male cat needing a warm lap and a calm home with a special human companion. We took him in from our friend who fell on hard times but our dog has made the situation difficult for him. To protect his wellbeing and overall safety - searchin… Read More

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