Angel 1.8.20

Rat Terrier
Angel 1.8.20

Our 15 year old Rat Terrier is looking for a win-win situation.  She would like to find a human companion to love and impress and give her treats!   She is healthy, but lonely.  There is no one ever home and has been living in Kennels a lot.  This is a new situation for her as she used to live in a house with kids and another dog.  They are all gone and no one was able to take her and has ended up in this very lonely situation.

She likes to run around, yet sleeps a lot.  She’s potty trained and is a good snuggler.  She has a fun personality.

She does not typically get a long well with bigger dogs, but loves to nurture puppies.  She stays right by your side very well if outside without a leash.

Angel is in Eau Claire, WI, and transport to the Chicagoland area is available. For more info, please contact

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