Auggie 6.7.17

Auggie 6.7.17

Auggie is asking for our help!!! He still needs a forever home to call his own. He is a 12 to 15 year old Cockapoo and surrendered to the shelter with another dog. The other dog was much younger and he was adopted quickly.

Auggie came in very dirty and in need of immediate veterinary care. It was determined that he needed some dental work done and we all know that can be serious for an older dog like Auggie. Auggie also had a substantial heart murmur and needed to be closley monitored. He had 28 teeth pulled!!! 

A great volunteer stepped forward and opened their home to Auggie so he could recover and rest. The shelter is no place for a dog that has had that kind of surgery. He was also heartbroken to loose his doggie brother as Auggie LOVES dogs.

Auggie is thriving now and is all ready for a new forever home. He LOVES bath time and he loves to be brushed...his foster mom said he doesn't shed at all!!! He loves to lay on his blanket between his foster parents when he settle down for the day in their easy chairs...and he knows when it is bed time and sleeps on his dog bed in the bedroom.
Auggie like a lot of older dogs needs a little more TLC and some extra effort...but the love of an older dog is beyond words!!! You see Auggie had some kind of trauma long ago and suffered nerve damage that prevents him from always knowing when he has to have a bowel movement. So once in a while he may have an accident in the house. He will let his foster family know when he needs to go outside for potty and he will pee outside with very few accidents in the house.

Auggie LOVES to go for car rides!!! He loves soft treats and eats canned food...and since his dental surgery has gained a few needed pounds.

Can you please share Auggie's story to someone you know?? There is someone out there that will be a great parent for Auggie...and we are offering a sponsorship for his adoption fee to that right someone.  If you are interested in this dog please email or call the HS office at 309-647-5077. Or if you prefer you may contact Auggies foster family at


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