Sprinkles 7.20.20

Boston Terrier
Sprinkles 7.20.20

Available for adoption either with or without her brother, Rocky (Bichon Frise).

Boston terrier, 10 years old and spayed. Black and white, female. Raised since a puppy. She tends to have seasonal allergies. She loves water either in pool or sprinkler. Loves sunbathing. Enjoys being outside. She has to be on leash when outside, or in a fenced area, or she will run off. She is friendly with Rocky, but not with other dogs.

She enjoys snuggling, being petted and will sleep in bed with owner. When sleeping in bed she wants to be under the covers and will take her paw and press against your arm to let you know.

She has never been to a groomer and needs to be bathed with oatmeal shampoo.

Scared of thunder, fireworks and activated smoke alarms.

Likes dog treats and dog friendly human food. She has a tendency to drool. Photo attached.

If interested in rehoming either or both, contact me at barileau@gmail.com

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