Chihuahuas 3.11.19

Male and Female, Both 12 Years Old
Chihuahuas 3.11.19

Hello, I have 2 very sweet, long-haired Chihuahuas that I need to find a new home for as soon as possible. Due to heavy work and travel constraints, I'm unable to care for them and give them what they deserve. I would love to find them a home with a small yard, but it's not a requirement. I'm in an apartment without a yard but we go to the park every day. 

One male, one female, both 12 years old. Both are up to date on their shots, and they're spayed/ neutered. The boy (16lbs) is playful and loves action, the girl (14lbs) is a little more laid back and likes a controlled environment. No history of biting, however they haven't had much exposure to kids, so a home with adults would probably be better for them. They love cuddles and sitting on laps. Neither is yappy or skiddish. They love attention but are used to being on their own a lot while I'm at work. They've never been caged.

I've had them since they were 8 weeks old and it truly breaks my heart to have to give them up, but they deserve more love and attention than I can give! They've never been separated so they're a package deal. Please consider adopting them or sharing this message with anyone who might be interested! Happy to answer any further questions. Thank you!

They are in Oak Park, IL. For more info, please contact Kate at



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