Cody 2.20.19

Corgi mix
Cody 2.20.19

My father in law passed away and we took in his 12 year old mixed breed, neutered male (possible Corgi mix). We would like to re-home him to a loving home. He is a well behaved dog who just loves to be loved. He doesn't like to share his food or treats. He has been around other dogs and a cat and doesn't mind as long as he's left alone by them. He will be sure to let you know when he needs something such as to eat, empty water bowl, or to go outside. He does like to make himself known when he's outdoors (likes to bark). He does not have any known illnesses. Sometimes he has a little limp when he starts moving, but not all the time.

I believe his perfect fit would be a older but still active couple or single, but would do well in other situations.

We are located in Spring Grove, IL. For info, please contact Sandy at


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