Elf and Mittens 3.18.20

7 and 3
Elf and Mittens 3.18.20

Due to me losing my job and home I am forced to give up my kitties.

I have two cats Elf who is the gray one and is 7 years old and Mittens who is the black and white one and is 3 years old. They have been together since Mittens was a kitten.  

Elf is a tender giant of a cat, he rarely meows and when he does it sounds like a kitten.

Mittens is more vocal and playful.  She loves string and laser pointers.

It is hard to part with them, but I have no choice.  I have two carriers, multiple bowls, two litter boxes and a stock of food and litter.

For info, please contact kjanus1980@gmail.com.

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Mittens Cat for Adoption

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