Georgia 8.31.18

Georgia 8.31.18

Georgia is a small black female, 14 years old, with a slight frame but a HUGE personality.  She is extremely affectionate, vocal and responsive, with a multi-toned purr you could hear from another room.  Georgia is a voracious eater and will eat anything you put in front of her.  Keep an eye on your own dinner as she’s been known to steal!  Georgia’s on medication for hyperthyroidism but is otherwise healthy and energetic- her appetite comes in handy since she’ll quickly scarf down any pill in a bit of liver sausage.

Georgia’s lifelong caretaker recently passed away and she needs a good home.  She has always lived with other cats but is used to being the favorite.  It’s easy to see why, as she will melt your heart with her charm and bedtime snuggles.

Please contact Vicki at 203-503-1913 or Manny at 203-415-3378 for further information.

Georgia Floor

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