Gretel 10.26.18

Gretel 10.26.18

Being the sweetheart she is, Gretel loves to snuggle and curl up next to you either on the couch or in bed (but not near anyone's face).  While a cat, she's surprisingly and hilariously clumsy, yet clean and quiet, and despite being 13 - she has always been in perfect health!  Originally adopted when she was approximately 9 months old - she came to her one and only family fully declawed as well, so while that means there won't be any problems with scratching, she would not be best suited in a home with another cat that does have claws or a dog that doesn't understand boundaries.  With that said, Gretel has graciously opened "her home" for the last 11 years to a small dog and another female cat with literally no problems. Being short-haired, she requires very occasional brushing, but otherwise is a very clean cat.

Sweetie is located in Highland Park, IL. For more information, please contact Reuben at


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