Jeeper & Gretel 5.22.19

Jeeper & Gretel 5.22.19

Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Color: Gray/White
Age: Adult, 8 years
Sex: Male & Female

Good with Cats, Dogs & Children
Neutered/Spayed, Shots up to Date, House-Trained (litter box)

**BONDED PAIR** Jeeper and Gretel are siblings that were born while their mother was in foster care with a family member. They are all each other have ever known and have never been separated. Due to sickness and allergy issues, we need to find them both a loving home.

Jeeper is the white/gray cat tabby that we like to call our little snow leopard. He is an independent cat and generally does keep to himself when guests are over, but loves to socialize and curl up with a blanket and cuddle on the couch with you. His sister, Gretel, is known as “gray-toe” for her white feet... with one single gray toe! She is a sweet, loving cat who likes to be in the same room as you. She loves to snuggle, and curl up on the couch/bed. Their favorite past times include cat tree climbing, head rubs, napping & of course – meal time!    

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Bonded Pair

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