Lacey 12.4.18

Bichon Frise
Lacey 12.4.18

My dog, Lacey is a 7.5 years old Bishon. She weighs about 20 pounds. She has a lot of energy, but also loves to cuddle. She enjoys going on walks and likes to sleep in our laundry room in her dog bed. She gets really excited to go in car rides and has had good experiences at doggy daycare. Lacey has a lot of anxiety and has had a tough time adjusting to life with my toddler. We have had a few experiences where Lacey would get nervous and will snap at my 2 year old for no reason. I know she feels bad afterwards, but it’s as if it is impossible for her to control in the moment. Lacey is housebroken, but does occasionally have accidents in the house. She doesn’t like going out in the snow or rain so we have used pee pads as a backup in those situations. She would do really well with someone that doesn’t have small children under 5 in the house, someone who can take her on three walks a day, and someone who likes a high energy dog.

Contact Info- Amanda Winter

Lacey Bichon Frise

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