Mickey 6.18.17

Mickey 6.18.17

Mickey is a sweet boy, who needs a good home to live out his golden years.  He is affectionate and very social.  And he likes fresh water, so much so that he will ‘ask’ for it frequently throughout the day.  His favorite is cold water from the fridge – or a bowl with a couple of ice cubes in it, but he also likes to drink from the faucet in the sink.  He is very mellow.  And this trait is perfect because he is a diabetic that gets insulin shots twice a day.  He is VERY good about his shots.  He actually comes to me looking for his shot when it’s that time of day.  He must realize it makes him feel better.  He doesn’t give any fuss when I administer the shot, he just stands there patiently.  He would be good in a home with other cats, and he’s also good with dogs.  I have had him since he was 8 weeks old, he came from the Anti-Cruelty Society.  I also have his brother Murphy and another cat Pretty Girl.  I realize that all of them may not be able to go to the same home together.   Because I have recently been divorced, and all of the drastic life changes that come with that situation, I can no longer keep all the cats. 

For more info, please contact Mary at mkeenan70@gmail.com

Thank you for your consideration of “my little buddy” Mickey!


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