Perla 6.2.1

German Shepherd
Perla 6.2.1

Pearla, is a sweetheart and her loyalty is second-to-none.

So you have a better understanding why we have to find Pearla a new family, here’s the reason: She’s unable to live with other animals. I rescued Pearla when she was 9 months old. We fell in love with her the minute we met. She lived with me, my wife and 2 boys for 2 years. A divorce separated myself and Pearla from the rest of the family and for 9 years, for all those years it’s been Pearla and me. I just recently purchased a home with my girlfriend and her 3 Shar Peis.  We quickly found out the Pearla is not willing to share her home with other animals.

Pearla is great with my 2 boys and, at the time we got her my youngest was 10.  She’s great with other people once you introduce her. A quick smell and tell her “nice nice”..She’s good.  Truly, Pearla is an absolute love with people, but she is animal aggressive and has bitten one of the Shar Peis. As much as it crushes me to let her go, I have to do what’s right for Pearla.  She has so much to give, it’s not fair to her to keep her isolated from the rest of the house, or contained on a long-term basis, just as it wouldn’t be for the other dogs who shared her home.

 Pearla knows her commands once you establish Alpha with her. That’s the key. When walking on a leash with her.

  1. A firm Pearla Heal she’ll start to walk…A firm, Pearla Halt, she’ll stop and sit next to you. Tell her heal again and she’ll start to walk again.
  2. Pearla knows Stay and Down…in most cases just by using hand signals other times you’ll have to firmly tell her and use hand signals
  3. Kisses…tell her kisses and she’ll lick your hand. When she’s in the mood though. : )  And if you’ve never seen a Shepherd give a Submissive Smile, this will be one of the best experiences.
  4. Leave it! If she’s barking at a passerby or another dog when you’re walking, or at home, A firm leave it, re-directs her. When you’re walking and her head drops and fixates, eyes lock on something, Squirrel for example..tell her Leave it and re-direct. 
  5. Pearla loves to go for walks so she can release some energy. If her pace is fast its because she’s excited. Tell her Pearla Slooow and slow your pace.
  6. Release... If she has a ball a bone or whatever… a Firm.. Pearla Release, and she’ll drop whatever’s in her mouth.  Most of the time : )
  7. Pearla is working a bread loved her training… something I suggest, and will help with bonding. She loves being in the yard. She has had a regular fence, and most recently a electric fence.
  8.  “4health” dog food grain-free is what she eats..If that can’t be found near your home, the Blue Grain-Free Chicken is her favorite… If a food change happens you must mix equal parts until you transfer over. She eats between 3 and 4 cups a day… half in the am the other half at dinner. If she wasn’t very active that day she might only eat once …She love treats!!! The more natural, the better. Cheap treats will not settle well..
  9. Pearla has thyroid meds that she takes twice a day..breakfast and before bed.. Not a big deal and common for her breed. I use pill pockets..cheese or peanut butter works too…
  10. She is very curious, whether working in the house or the garage, she’s by your side wondering what you’re doing.
  11. If there’s room she’ll sleep in bed with you..If not, she’ll find her spot in your room…
  12. She is potty trained...Say Pearla potty and she runs to the door. She can hold it if needed up to 10 hours..#1 and 2 in the morning…#1 at Dinner, and #1 and #2 before bed. If she’s holding it and has to go..she will sit in front and stare at you…She wont say anything she’ll just stare
  13. Once she trusts you...she loves rough play. She can get mouthy…meaning she’ll show her teeth, make some noise, mouth your arm, run through the house…when this happens you’re able to put your hand in her mouth and lightly pull her tongue… After rough play and she’s out of breath it’s for her to relax.
  14. Pearla is a good judge of character.  Show her love, attention and you’ll get it back 10-fold

 To meet Pearla, contact Michael Pfister, Sleepy Hollow, IL, 847-401-6699


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