Remus 7.9.17

Remus 7.9.17

We have had Remus since she was a puppy. After over a decade together - 7 years of which she had a 4-legged partner in crime (Tonks - an Olde Boston Bulldogge) - our family situation has led us to the very difficult decision that we should try to find a better home for her.

We now have two small children - ages 3 and 1 - the younger of whom has been diagnosed with a serious epileptic condition requiring special care, and the older of whom has an allergy that continues to worsen as she ages. As our kids have grown, and after Tonks' passing from a rare, aggressive cancer last year, Remus' quality of life at home has continued to fall off. The challenges created by our youngest's epilepsy in particular has begun to take its toll as she has some related behavioral quirks and Remus seems sensitive to her condition. My spouse has also begun to travel significantly for her job and I still work full time, leaving us with less and less time to spend with Remus day-to-day. We feel like she's lonely and a bit stressed out by the kids, and we don't see anything changing in our circumstances to enable us to do more for her.

Remus is incredibly healthy - we have all her medical records available. Her annual exam just came back perfectly clear and she shows no signs of deteriorating other than us switching her to a senior food to avoid typical weight gain from age. No arthritis/joint concerns, no tooth/mouth issues, no vision or hearing challenges, no incontinence or gastrointestinal issues. She's still playful and active, happy to join you in an excursion yet not requiring heavy exercise to be calm at home.

She is loving and affectionate, seeking out petting and cuddle sessions as well as providing regular kisses. She has been trained well, is good on leash and is very smart. She doesn't jump up or currently go up on furniture or sleep in our bed - but I'm sure she'd be thrilled to if that was ok with you. You do have to be careful with her eating - we've worked hard to keep her trim and eating only healthy food but the pug and beagle in her can be very food anxious/obsessed (another challenge for us with the kids as our youngest is on a very special medical diet that requires careful management of her eating). She can get vocal if excited or startled (e.g., barking at doorbells), but she calms down quickly and as she gets used to new environments or stimuli she reacts less strongly.

We are sad to have reached this point but we honestly believe a different home environment could provide her a bit more peace and calm and regular attention. We want to find her a place where she can be happy and enjoy her golden years. Inquiries and/or visits welcome and we'd be happy to provide references from her dog walkers/sitters and vet.

NAME - Remus (inspired by Harry Potter)
BREED - Puggle
SEX - Female
AGE - 11 (born 4/28/2006)
LOCATION - Chicago, IL 60640
COLOR - Fawn



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