Rocky 7.20.20

Bichon Frise
Rocky 7.20.20

Rocky and his sister Sprinkles (Boston Terrier) are available for adoption, either together or separately, since they are not bonded.

Rocky is 11 years old. He is a Bichon frise, white, neutered male. I have raised him since he was a puppy. 

He likes to be loved. He has a strange habit of eating his food outside of dog bowl. I use a gray rubber mat. He will drink water out of dog bowl.

He doesn't like water but takes baths easily. He has some medical issues with allergies, left ear infection and skin tags on head. He also has some hot spots from excessive licking due to allergies.

He enjoys being outside but due to his age he is not very active. He becomes winded quickly. 

Scared of thunder, fireworks and activated smoke alarms.

If interested in rehoming, contact Madlyn at

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