Rusty & Frosty

Rusty & Frosty

Bio: Rusty and Frosty: 2 Rottweilers, 11 years old, litter-mates and together their whole lives. Rusty is neutered, Frosty is not spayed and has never had puppies. They both seem very healthy and happy. They have a hut and kennel for night, and a large fenced area for day with frequent visits from the children. They have a heat-lamp for winter, but when temperatures get really cold we bring them inside. In summer they have plenty of shade, but when temperatures get really hot we bring them inside. They would love to be inside, but would need to be house-trained. Rusty is a little slower than he used to be, getting gray around the muzzle and we are sure to give him canned dog meat (Alpo) to help him be more comfortable. With just dry dog food, his joints get a bit stiff and moving is less comfortable for him. Wheat grass juice pulp gets him revving like a puppy again.

Frosty is a very happy dog and thrives on the same diet Rusty has, but doesn't suffer stiff joints if she doesn't have the meat.

They are used to a family of 2 parents and 7 children, ages 19-4. Their birthdays are a week before the 4th child's birthday, and they did very well with the older children and the introduction of each subsequent baby. They have not been around other dogs since they were puppies, and they've never been around cats that I'm aware of. We are moving from a house with nearly 12 acres of land to an RV, and haven't figured out how it would work for us to keep them with us, so we are looking for a happy home for them. MUNITH MICHIGAN, 50 miles out of Detroit, just past Lansing. For information, contact Doris at

Rusty and Frosty

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