Sweetie 10.26.18

Sweetie 10.26.18

Sweetie truly lives up to her name is a cat that loves to snuggle and purr whenever there's a recognizable lap to sit on or near. Despite being very athletic, she was initially adopted being fully declawed, and therefore would not be best suited within a household with other cats (with claws) or dogs that don't allow boundaries. Even without claws though, she likes to run around and jump up on things for exercise. She's lived 10 of her 11 years in a household with another fully declawed cat and a small dog and does great! Being long-haired, she'll allow occasional hair cuts (scissors) but in general is a very clean cat with little shedding.

Sweetie is located in Highland Park, IL. For more information, please contact Reuben at reuben.hussmann@gmail.com.



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