Bowie & Ziggy

Lab Mix/Collie Mix
7 & 9 years
Bowie & Ziggy


*Bonded Pair- must be adopted together*

Bowie (black) and Ziggy (black & white) are a special pair of dogs that Young at Heart has been working to ready for a new home. They were rescued from the city shelter after being surrendered there, and were completely shut down and terrified of absolutely everything and everyone. They acted like dogs that didn't see much of the world before being dropped off at the pound, and had quite a hard time adapting and trusting again. They have made amazing strides since coming to Young at Heart, and they are now ready for a foster-to-adopt home. Young at Heart does not normally do foster-to-adopt situations because there is a 14-day trial period built into every adoption. However, these boys are a special case that will take a special person or couple to open their home to, and the rescue wants to ensure that the person who has it in their heart to give them a home has all the support they need during their transition. Bowie (black dog) adapted fairly easily, and is now a happy wiggly boy. His confidence is what Ziggy relies on to make sure he's ok. Without Bowie, Ziggy is shy and withdrawn, and would rather hide than interact with people. But with Bowie by his side, he ventures into his braver side, and will follow Bowie's lead. Bowie happily meets new people now, and is willing to go for little walks and get loved on. They both accept treats and pets from new people, and Bowie enjoys all of it. Ziggy watches this and tentatively accepts whatever Bowie accepts. We have had these two in boarding so that they are handled by multiple people daily to expand their world, and so that they can see other dogs and be exposed to new situations and realize that they are ok. We are now at a point that they are ready to move into a home, and we'd like that home to be permanent. This home ideally has no other pets, no kids, and has a secure fenced in yard. Both of these boys do well in crates that are next to each other. They may do fine in a securely baby gated area as well, but we have not had the opportunity to try that yet. These guys are not for first time dog guardians, and need a patient, loving, gentle family to guide them into their new life. If interested in learning more about these two, please email before filling out an application.



*Adoption fee is $300 for this pair.

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