Maltese & Pom Mixes
9 & 11 years

On Medical Hold

Howd’ya do?! I’m Cisco, an 11 year old Pomeranian with cuteness that can bring down the toughest of men. Along here with me is my trusty sidekick and brother, Poncho, a 9 year old Maltese mix, and together, we’ve traveled all around the Wild West in hopes of making it to Young at Heart. Now that we’re here, we can’t wait to find our new forever home! We arrived here with mouths full of teeth that had to come out, and while we got to keep some, it’s easier for us to have a diet consisting of only wet food. For the most part, the two of us are whip-smart about using piddle pads, which will be great for overnight when you’re snoozing and we can’t hold it in. Otherwise, we do our best to make sure we are going potty outside. We both, but especially Cisco, get a bit nervous when we can’t be by our people, so we would love to be in a home where someone can play and love on us most of the day.  We'd be perfect for a retired person who needs some company and adventure! We’re fond of plush squeaky toys that we can whip around and run after, but we also take kindly to some good ole fashioned cuddling on the couch. We love enjoying time in the yard and walks as well. We are two of the sweetest pups in town and we can't wait to meet you! Just be prepared to accept all of our kisses!



poncho and cisco

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