Newfie/Lab Mix
4 years

Okay, okay, you already saw my age - I'm SO not a senior! You see, the shelter I was rescued from thought I was about 7 years old. Turns out, I'm probably more like 3-4 years old. Maybe. Oops. Which means I am a big giant ball of goofball energy and I am BORED here at this adoption center for older pets! I want to go for long walks! I want to go running! I want to go hiking! I want to go to work with you, and on car rides, and be your totally awesome sidekick and NOT be here with these older dogs who would really like to just sleep all day. I mean, sure, sleeping is good, especially when I can sleep right at the foot of your bed, but then we should wake up and have an adventure together each day! And these other dogs here are total couch potatoes. So not me. Did I mention that I am a totally PAWsome sidekick? Yep. I'm getting some training here at Young at Heart, cuz let's face it, I'm young and ginormous (like 120 pounds). These rescue peeps keep saying something about manners being important. Yeah, yeah, I'm learning, but COME ON LET'S GO FOR A WALK NOW! Seriously, if you like incredibly handsome giant lab/newfie mix dogs like me, and you want a younger one that is ready to rock and roll, I. AM. YOUR. GUY! You can meet me at Young at Heart's adoption center by appointment with an approved adoption application. Come on, bust me outta here so we can start being best buds foreverrrrr!

UPDATE: Our friends at 4 Paws Activity Center have offered to work with me on my manners, so I am currently offsite as I receive some training. I also get to play with dogs that can keep up with my energy level! Woot! Thanks for all the interest in me! The rescue is working through all the applications, so please be patient! Thanks y'all!

Cooper Derp

cooper down

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