11 years

Hi there! I'm Harmony, and I am a very lucky girl. I was found wandering the streets by a good Samaritan, and taken to animal control. I was in horrible shape back then - nails grown into the pads of my paws, a raging skin infection, plus eye and ear infections to boot. I also had puncture wounds all over my body, and had terrible teeth. Young at Heart took me into their program when no one came looking for me, and I began an intense treatment for my infections. It's been several months since I first arrived, and I feel great! I am considered "special needs" because it is possible that my skin will be a lifelong issue, controlled with diet and medication and I need eye drops daily (which I don't mind!). I am really good with dogs -  once I get over meeting them. The vet and the rescue are pretty sure I was attacked by another dog while I was lost, causing the puncture wounds on my body when I was rescued, so my response to new dogs is a fearful/protective one. I am really not good at meeting new dogs at all - like AT ALL - but I have happily lived with two other dogs in my foster home. But if you have another dog and you want to meet me, please be patient. I freak out at first, then once I know that I am ok, I'm totally fine with another dog. It just takes a while. And I'm totally fine with kitty cats! But I am so stinkin' sweet and cute that everyone loves me! Really, I just need a quiet home where you and I can hang out together watching tv, munching on some popcorn, enjoying each others' company. If dog parks and birthday parties with the entire family's dogs present aren't your thing, then I'm your girl. Move over on that couch (I don't take up much room!), and let me snuggle with you and be your girl. Are you my person? I'm waiting for that special someone!

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