13 years

Hi there! I'm Jet, a very sweet 13 year old schnoodle who is super snuggly and gets along with other dogs. I'm currently wearing a belly band because I have a tendency to mark new environments, but I wear it well and each week I get better and better with keeping it dry. However, my new family needs to be ok with me wearing one so that I don't tinkle on things I'm not supposed to until I'm completely acclimated to my new home - and even then, I may just need to wear it. It's not a big deal for me if it's not for you! I love love love to be in your lap and to keep you company while you read or watch tv. And I have the cutest little prance, especially when I'm in a sweater for the chillier weather. I can't wait to find the perfect family to share my golden years with. Is it yours? Come meet me!


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