Boston Terrier
8 years

Howdy! I'm Leon, a sweet and special boy who can't wait to find that special someone to call my own! I am an 8 year old Boston Terrier who steals the hearts of all the volunteers. I am a special boy because I am almost completely blind, but I don't let that slow me down! Though Young at Heart looked into it for me, I am not a candidate for eye surgery, but that's okay because it doesn't bother me one bit! The only thing I need is eye drops from time to time. I learn the lay of the land very quickly (especially with the help of my "halo" suit that keeps me from bumping my face into things at first), and can zoom around the yard, and hop on and off the couch like any other dog. I love to play with soft squeaky toys, I like to play in the dog pool, and love to hang out with my dog and people friends as often as possible. I enjoy sitting next to you on the couch during movie time, and like to go for short walks, too. I have sensitive ears since they are the only way I see the world now, so loud noises do bother me - I like to wear my Thundershirt during storms and fireworks, and sometimes may need a little sedative if the noise is really bad. I do like to have my own "nook" to feel safe and secure in when I am overwhelmed - here at Young at Heart, I have a little cozy area next to the laundry that makes me happy that I can come and go from when I need to feel safe. Because I learn my world from my hearing, I love to listen to you talk and sing and even play guitar! I learn my favorite people very quickly and will paw and jump up to happily greet them when I recognize their voices. I'm such a good boy, and am so loved by everyone at Young at Heart. My ideal home is a quiet suburban or country home with another dog to keep me company and give me confidence in my new surroundings and situations, and an adult home with a fenced in back yard so that I have my own piece of the world to explore safely and enjoy. I will make the right person so happy! I hope that's you!

leon pool

leon sunshine

leon halo

leon and princess

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