Lab Mix
10 years

Hi there! I'm Lucy, and I am a very sweet and very snuggle one-eared lab mix! Yes, you read that right - one ear! Why? Because when I came to Young at Heart, my left ear was infected and mangled from years of untreated ear infections. Antibiotics could not touch the pockets of infection that had been eating away at my ear for a long time. A visit to the specialist confirmed that the only way to ensure that the excruciating pain I was in was going to go away was to remove my ear canal and my ear flap. So, I had surgery ASAP because my comfort means more than my ear to me, and within hours of surgery, it was amazingly obvious how much better I felt! Now I am healing and am comfortable for the first time in many many years. Plus I'm super unique and everyone wants to talk about me on walkies! I get to meet so many new friends! I am good with other mellow and respectful dogs, and am housetrained. I probably should not live with kitties. I love to lay my head in your lap to soak up your love, go for walks and car rides, and I loooove treats! I like kids, but also shouldn't live with small ones since I can't hear them coming up to me when I'm sleeping. Older kids that can remember that I cannot hear them coming would be just fine with me. I love love love to be your sidekick, so I would be a great dog for someone who is home a lot - I love it! I am so very sweet and cannot wait to start my new life with you!

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