Poodle Mix
9 years

Hi there! I'm Max, a super smart boy who is also a super cuddler! I'm such a wonderful little guy that everyone falls in love with me the instant they meet me. When you meet me, you might notice I use my nose a lot. That's because I lost my vision, but I am super adapted! I've learned to climb the stairs to my foster parents' bed all by myself - but we gate it because he does not know how to get down. I can always sense where you are and I love to follow you around the house. Even though I might bump into things at your house at first, I will very quickly learn to navigate, and I especially learn very quickly where the food and water bowl is! I happily follow your voice, as to me it is the best sound in the world. One of my favorite things to do is to snuggle with you in bed! I'm also a fan of snack time! My faves are green beans, carrots, doggie treats. I also love to carry around my "chewie" and find a spot to hide it. I enjoy being outside when its nice and listen to the birds, and I adore stroller rides with the wind blowing and my nose sniff-sniff-sniffing. I really do have the most adorable face and personality, and you will find out very quickly that though I cannot see with my eyes, I see very well with my heart. I would love a family who is home a lot because that is what I'm used to, and one that enjoys snuggling as much as I do! Is that you?

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