Beagle Basset
7 years

Hi there! I'm Spencer, and I am a very special boy in need of a loving home. I am just 7 years old, but am an old soul who most likely had a harsh life in my previous years and am looking for a family who wants to give a sweet dog like me the happily ever after I deserve. I am housetrained and get along with other dogs both big and small. I enjoy walks, my hound nose pulling me to and fro to sniff everything that I can. Speaking of hounds, I'm really more of a hound size. I weigh about 48 lbs. I really love a quiet lifestyle, one with adults who also enjoy the quiet things in life like a good movie marathon, reading a book cover to cover on a rainy day, and snuggling by a fire on cold days. Noise and fast movement makes me very nervous and worried, so I would prefer a home where kids don't often visit. I love my people and really enjoy gentle hands and quiet conversation, and I really do enjoy the company of another dog, as I often look to them for reassurance that I am ok. The rescue doesn't know what life was like for me before, but they have promised me that from here on out only gentle, loving people will be in my life. I am considered special needs because of my skin. You see, I get these growths under my skin that will need to be removed from time to time. They are categorized as a cancer which is why they need to be removed, but they don't affect the rest of my body. The rescue had several removed for me, so hopefully I will be good to go for a while, but there are no guarantees for how long before they come back and need to be removed again. Not exactly everyone's cup of tea, I know, but it doesn't make me a hospice case as it doesn't affect my quality of life at all. I'm a sweet boy who just needs a "nip and tuck" every now and again to keep me healthy. Maybe you are the person who will have the patience for my special needs? Will you be the person to love me always? I hope so!


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