A few grey hairs shouldn’t be the end of the world, but for an older pet in a traditional animal shelter, it often is. In a traditional shelter environment, the older the animal, the less chance it has to make it out of the shelter alive. Often these animals are just what people are looking for when they consider adopting a new pet; housebroken, calmer, good with kids and other animals, and already trained. They are great family pets and great for senior citizens. They have had years to perfect the art of loving a human unconditionally, and most do not get a second chance to find a new home. They have been ‘Aged to Perfection’, but in a traditional shelter, their age is a death sentence. A no-kill, home-like shelter designed for and dedicated to dogs and cats over the age of 7 years is needed to provide a safe haven and a second chance to older pets in need of new homes. 

landYoung at Heart Pet Rescue has completed the first phase of our long-term plans and moved one step closer to making the dream of building a safe haven for senior pets a reality with the purchase of eight acres in unincorporated Woodstock, IL. The land is completely raw – a beautiful and serene blank canvas to create a safe haven for older pets. With the hundreds of requests we receive to help senior pets on a monthly basis, we are eager to develop this land into an indoor and outdoor sanctuary for senior pets, creating a campus that caters to senior pets’ every need prior to finding their forever home, from on-site veterinary care to a full-service adoption center to life-long sanctuary housing.

Thanks to the donated architect services of Matt Jans & Roy Pope of Matthias Jans Architects and the donated engineering services of John Lazzara & Jennifer Mitchel of HDR Inc, we have a unique home-like shelter designed and the land mapped out. We are now in the silent phase of raising the funds to build the first shelter and adoption center in the US for both senior dogs and cats. This is a huge step forward in making a difference for senior dogs and cats that just need a safe place to land until a new family is found for them.

To donate to this fund, click on the donate button at the top of the page and choose "sanctuary for senior pets" as your donation designation, or click here to donate to our crowdfunding campaign!donate to crowdrise

If you are interested in supporting this life changing endeavor, please email dkemper@adoptaseniorpet.com or call 847.529.2025. In-kind donations will be needed for the following services: land clearing, grading & paving, septic, well, electric to site, fencing, foundation, and landscaping. If you or your company is willing to help with any of the in-kind needs, please email dkemper@adoptaseniorpet.com or call 847-529-2025. Young at Heart is a 501c3 charity and donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Naming opportunities available.

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