1/2 Way to Goal!


Update! You guys are incredible! We're almost there! In just a few weeks, you've raised more than 50% of our matching gift goal to open the doors to our adoption center! To everyone who has donated and shared, THANK YOU SO MUCH! We'll be able to help 4x the number of senior pets with this adoption center - and hopefully more after the first year! Help us open the doors to Chicago area's first adoption center and sanctuary just for senior pets. Every dollar donated is MATCHED by an Angel Donor in honor of YOU and all of the ways you help Young at Heart make a difference for homeless seniors pets.

Be a part of building this amazing cageless safe haven for senior pets in Woodstock IL! Gifts will be matched through March 31st: http://srpets.co/homeforseniorpets or snail mail your gift to Young at Heart, PO Box 1293, Palatine IL 60078

Thank you!


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