1st Goal Met, 2nd Goal Begins!


WE DID IT! Thanks to everyone who donated, we hit our $13,000 match goal last night, and our friend Claudia Harty matched every person's donation to the Mutt Mosey this morning! We're now at $26,205 raised to help senior pets in need! BUT WAIT! IT GETS EVEN BETTER!

Claudia was SO excited about our announcement yesterday that we start construction on our safe haven for senior pets next week, that she wants to increase her match!!! Claudia is willing to increase her match and offered to MATCH THE NEXT $7000 IN DONATIONS! ISN'T THAT SO INCREDIBLY GENEROUS! WE'RE SOOOOOO EXCITED! That is SO many lives! 

Tomorrow is the last day to register online and be guaranteed pajama pants, so if you've been waiting to register, don't wait any longer! If you can join us, please do! All the funds your sponsors donate will be matched dollar for dollar, too! The Mutt Mosey is May 20th, 2018 at 10am at the Fox River Preserve in Port Barrington IL. REGISTER HERE: https://www.crowdrise.com/muttmosey18

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