A Look Back at 2014

What a great year! 

Thanks to your support, 2014 was a great year for senior pets, and we are so excited as we enter into our 10th year as Young at Heart that we do so with such amazing momentum! 

collage103 senior pets, both dogs and cats, were saved from "open door" shelters, where their fate was all but sealed because of their age. Open Door shelters are those shelters that must accept every animal that is brought to them, and therefore they often have to euthanize to make space for the incoming animals. The senior pets that end up on these euthanasia lists are the ones we rescue. The senior pets rescued in 2014 had an average age of 10.2 years old, with our oldest rescue being 15 years old. We welcomed back many repeat adopters over the course of the year, and many new adopters to the Young at Heart family as well! We love our adopters!

We also housed 16 sanctuary pets over the course of the year with various chronic medical issues. When Young at Heart rescues a senior pet with an unknown medical history from a shelter, there's always a chance that they will have medical issues that are too complex for our adoption program. Our sanctuary program offers those pets a safe haven with permanent foster families, while Young at Heart covers their medical expenses. If they can have a good quality of life with medical support, we happily provide it. Our sanctuary pets are able to continue to enjoy all of the comforts of a loving family while Young at Heart provides all of the medical care they needed. 


Thanks to you for being such an important part of saving senior pets in need! 

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