A new adventure for the senior kitties of Young at Heart!


All of us at Young at Heart are so excited for the opening of our new adoption center in just a few weeks in Woodstock, IL! Our new facility will allow us to provide a safe haven for many more senior pets in need, and we couldn't be more thrilled. For many years, we have been so incredibly lucky to have the support of both the Petco Foundation at Petco and Best Friends Pet Hotel to house many of our senior kitties in their granted space. The adoption space they donated to Young at Heart has allowed us to save hundreds of senior kitties over the years, and we will forever be grateful for their generosity!

After much discussion, we have decided that with the opening of our new adoption center, the time has come to pay forward the generosity we were given as a growing rescue and open that space up for another organization that needs it like we did. And so on Tuesday, September 10th, the kitties that reside at our Petco and Best Friends locations will begin their new adventure as we move them to our new facility in Woodstock, IL.At Young at Heart's adoption center, the kitties will have ample space to roam; a completely cageless environment; round-the-clock enrichment and care, and access to outdoor catio space where they can safely bask in the fresh air and sun on beautiful days. There will also be stress-free space for our kitties who don’t enjoy the company of other cats. With onsite staff and all the kitties under one roof, adoptions can happen more quickly, therefore opening space up to then rescue more kitties that need our help more quickly. There is also ample space for volunteers and adopters to enjoy the company of our cats. As we prepare for the Grand Opening, the kitties will have time to acclimate to their new environment so that they can be ready to meet prospective adopters then as well. We can't wait for them to enjoy their new bigger space!

We hope you can join us on Sunday September 29th to see our kitties in their new rooms at the adoption center! Grand Opening details are here: https://www.facebook.com/events/431902994083225/.

Thank you,
Dawn Kemper
Founder and Executive Director
Young at Heart

PS - You can help with supplies to move the kitties in by making a donation or by purchasing an item off of our Housewarming Wishlist! Thank you!

Smokey's Haven Grand Opening

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