A Second Chance for Karma


This sweet old girl is Karma. She is somewhere between 8-10 years old. Her face is scarred, her teeth are worn, her ears crudely cropped. Her underside bears the signs of litter after litter of pups, she is Heartworm positive, and has an upper respiratory infection with a fever to boot. And yet she is the happiest, most loving senior pup you will ever meet! Karma loves loves loves life, and she loves other dogs, and loves people, and oh my goodness, the joy! She is SO full of joy! From the tip of her nose to the end of her tail, she is just so stinkin' happy! We are already in love with her. Who wouldn't be?

Welcome to Young at Heart, Karma! We promise you a lifetime of kindness and love. No more puppies for you, and we'll make sure that heart of yours has even more room for joy once we treat you for Heartworms! 

Thank YOU for allowing us to show senior pets like Karma the love and good life that they deserve!


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