A Special Plea for Bootsie


Friends, we could use your help. It's been a little quiet on our Facebook page because it's been a little tough around here lately. We've rescued some really hard medical cases the last couple of months, and the vet bills are daunting. There have been several emergency vet visits in just the last week. We said goodbye to our sanctuary dog, Jojo, and some of our staff have been dealing with their much-loved pets going to the rainbow bridge as well. It's been a bit of that old "when it rains, it pours" saying around here. But senior pets are still waiting to be saved, and we have four newly rescued senior dogs that just came in that need medical care. And we need your help to help them!

Meet Bootsie, a newly rescued and beautiful All-American Mutt. She is an adorable and lovable 10-year-old girl, but she almost didn't make it out of the shelter. This girl's time was supposed to be over, but instead she is with us getting the medical care that she so desperately needs so that she can find a forever home. Upon arrival, it was an immediate worry that she had pyometra, a deadly uterine infection that occurs in older unaltered female dogs. Unfortunately, something that also happens in many unaltered female dogs is breast cancer, and yesterday she not only underwent a spay, but a mastectomy as well. The vet removed several mammary masses, including one that had become swollen with a hematoma. Bootsie did well with surgery, and we are so relieved that tests show that her cancer has not spread. The vet feels that he got it all. Her teeth show the signs of years of neglect as well, with the worst of them broken and exposing the sensitive pulp of her teeth, which is so incredibly painful. When she recovers from her spay and mastectomy, she will need a dental procedure as well to relieve her of what is most likely years of mouth pain. Bootsie is on some really great pain medication right now while she recovers, and she is being spoiled by her foster family. She thumps her tail happily, even through the fog of the pain medication. While it is so sad to see her like this right now, soon she will be back to wiggling her way into everyone's hearts, infection, pain, and cancer-free.

Our biggest fundraiser event of the year is still two weeks away, and our medical fund is running on fumes now. If you can, please make a donation to help Bootsie and all of the other senior dogs and cats in our care. We cannot do what we do without you, but there are always senior pets that need help and your support is as critical as ever.

To donate, visit this link: https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/youngatheart

Thank you from all of us at Young at Heart, and especially from Bootsie!


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