Adoption! Cassie


cassie homeHere at Young at Heart we believe that 'Love Has No Age Limit' and this couldn't be more true than for Cassie and her new mom Anita!

Cassie, through no fault of her own, found herself surrendered to a local open-admission shelter at the age of 16, where she had few chances of rescue and days that were numbered. Thanks to a planned visit to the shelter to bring home other seniors and a diligent rescue coordinator who made sure that we knew about her, we met this beyond sweet, gentle and friendly senior gal and knew that we couldn't leave her behind. She deserved every chance at a happily ever after, too! So she joined our rescued crew and off to the vet they went.

Once at the vet it was discovered that this frail, stressed and severely matted girl had another challenge to add to her plate, malignant mammary tumors. Given her age, and now this diagnosis, we worried about her prognosis and chances of finding a forever home. Knowing, too, that this sweet senior deserved every chance, our vet Dr. Cassandra Lewis and her team made sure Cassie had the best of care. Surgery was performed to remove as much of the cancer as possible and it was successful - Dr. Lewis was able to remove it all and there was no evidence that it had spread anywhere else in her body! We were over the moon! After going home with Dr. Lewis to recover from surgery, and then to one of our wonderful long-term foster homes, Cassie found Anita. And, as they say, that's all she wrote. It was love at first sight.

As we write this, Cassie is settling into her happily ever after with her new mom, and what a wonderful life that will be. Anita is a very special adopter who has already given amazing lives to YAH alums Tessa and Julia, and now with the addition of Cassie, she has become a "three-peat" adopter! To Anita age is just a number and she is committed to giving older pets the best life possible. Because of that commitment, Cassie is home and our hearts are full. Thank you Anita! Thank you for your commitment to a population of homeless pets who need you most. We love you Cassie and are so excited about this new chapter in what we are sure will be the best life you could possibly have.

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