Adoption! Oliver


oliver homeIt is with incredibly full hearts that we announce Oliver has found his forever family!! This 8-year-old boy, who is just the best dog, waited almost two years for his happily ever after. He has gone from a stray found on the streets of Chicago, to a loved dog in his foster home, to now a cherished member of his new family. And what a family that is!! He has three human siblings to give him all the love and belly rubs he could ever want. While his wait was long, we think he was waiting for a reason - to find the perfect home! We welcome the Stupen family to the Young at Heart family, and we thank them for giving Oliver such a happily ever after!

This post would not be complete without thanking Oliver's foster dad, Paul, who gave Oliver his heart and home during this time. Oliver became part of his family and he was committed to seeing him through to this new chapter. Paul made all the difference in Oliver's life and his commitment to his fosters is unmatched.

We love you Oliver!!

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