Adoption! Princess & Patches


patches dadADOPTION: Patches and Princess are on their way home to..... WYOMING!!! The most wonderful couple, Sue and Al, called us a couple of weeks ago hoping that if the girls were still with us in a couple of months, when they would be in town to visit family, that they might meet them and bring them home. They recently had lost one of their beloved rescued dogs and their hearts were broken, but even in their grief they knew there were other dogs out there who needed them. And in an effort to "down-size" from the large dogs they have always shared their lives with, they began the search to find a senior Dachshund. That search brought them to Princess and her bonded mate, Patches. Did that stop Sue and Al from considering them both? Absolutely not! They immediately knew their hearts had the love and their ranch definitely had the room for two sweet seniors.

Well, sometimes sadness brings hope, and after the sudden loss of a family member brought them to our area sooner than expected, Sue and Al once again put their grief aside to consider these sweet seniors. The rest is history. Upon meeting Princess and Patches, it was love at first sight and the girls knew they had found their happily ever after.

While Patches and Princess will be a long way from us, the new life they are about to have is exceptional. They will know unconditional love and life on a ranch with a mountain vistas, bison in their backyard and rescued Mustangs (saved from the round-up and slaughter) to call family. This was a very special adoption and we thank Sue and Al for giving Patches and Princess such an amazing second chance!patches princess adoption

Sharing in our joy for this adoption are Fran and Tom, Patches and Princess's foster family. It is hard to find not only adopters for bonded pairs, but fosters too, and even being first-time fosters, Fran and Tom did not hesitate to bring them home. They gave them all they needed and more to get them ready for this amazing new chapter. Thank you Fran and Tom for becoming part of our family of foster homes and for making all the difference in the lives of senior pets in need!

What a beautiful adoption!! We love you Patches and Princess! And, Sue and Al, welcome to the Young at Heart family!

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