Angie - Adopted & Loved!


Every donation counts. Every single dollar makes a difference. And Angie is the perfect example of your dollars at work!

Angie came to the rescue with heartworm disease and after a six month stay in an amazing foster home and treatment for the deadly disease, treatment that we can provide because of your generosity, she is now healthy and home with her forever family just in time for the holidays! Diane and her family already love Angie beyond words, and we are certain she will have the life she has always deserved. It takes a village to rescue, care for, and re-home our seniors and because of your support, along with the dedication of our foster homes and the commitment of our adopters, she got that chance!

Whether it's #GivingTuesday or any other day, your continued support makes it possible for us to give our seniors a happily ever after and we are forever grateful! Dogs and cats like Angie go from certain death in the shelter to spending their golden years in loving homes, and every single dollar donated makes that happen!

So, thank you to you and to Diane and her family for being part of the Young at Heart village that is making all the difference in the lives of homeless senior pets! We love you Angie!

Yellow Lab

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