Barney's Happily Ever After


People often ask, “How do you do it? How do you foster a senior pet, fall in love with them and then say goodbye when they are adopted?” Well, it’s pretty simple. This is how! 

Barney (the beagle) was rescued by Young at Heart last May and he was in rough shape. His skin and ears were a mess from allergies, but worse than that, he was suffering from what we would later learn was severe inflammatory bowel disease. After the right medication, special food, many visits to the specialist, and lots of TLC, late last year he was finally in great health and ready for adoption. Given his medical needs, we knew placement might be hard, but as we always do, we knew there was a perfect family out there for him and we just had to be patient. Well, we didn’t have to wait very long, as Barney has found the perfect home with the Pantaleo family! 

Barney and his new family couldn’t be a better match. Barney has three sweet boys to call his own, he has a new BFF in his canine brother Rocco (the puggle) and he’ll have more love than he knows what to do with. And to ice the cake, his new mom is a nurse and will make sure he has the best care to manage his medical needs. 

Barney has found a home where he was always meant to be and that’s how we are able to love these seniors as our fosters and then see them off to their forever families. And, thanks to our adopters, we have the honor of doing it over and over again! 

We are over the moon for Barney and the Pantaleos, and we are so grateful for the happily ever after they have given a senior pet with special needs! We love you Barney! We think the pictures say it all. 

Barney the Beagle

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