Barney's Merry Christmas


Senior pets don't ask for much: Love. Family. Comfort. Joy.

9-year-old Barney came to Young at Heart from a shelter after being found as a stray. The poor boy was suffering from an irritating eye cyst, allergies, raging ear infections, and a painful tummy. The poor boy was super skinny as well.

Senior pets at Young at Heart get everything they need to enjoy their golden years. Barney's eye cyst was removed, his ear infections treated, and his allergies and Irritable Bowel Syndrome successfully managed. He has now gained six pounds! He is happy and finally healthy. He enjoys snuffling along on walks, AROOing for snacks, and he loves to be showered with love. Now, Barney is finally ready for a family of his own. Sometimes the older dogs and cats that we rescue take time, patience, and lots of veterinary care, but with your help, we're with them every step of the way.

Thanks to your donations, Barney will get to spend his golden years full of all the things that matter most to him. Love. Family. Comfort. Joy. It's what we want to give to every homeless senior pet out there, and we are so grateful that you want that, too. Because we can't help senior pets without your support!

Make a tax-deductible gift today to help senior pets like Barney get the life, love, and comfort that they deserve in their golden years.

Thank you for giving homeless senior pets a second chance!

Barney Beagle


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