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One fancy coffee each week. A few extra magazines at the grocery store check out. A quick lunch at a chain restaurant. What if trading just one of those guilty pleasures could mean the care and comfort for a senior pet in need?

Young at Heart sanctuary dog, Martha, gets two different medications daily for her advanced arthritis, plus a supplement to support her joint health. These help keep her comfortable in her golden years. They help her enjoy her walks, sleep comfortably on any bed she likes, and live life to the fullest.

Just $17 per month - $.56 per day! - would provide Martha with half-year’s worth of her arthritis medication or an entire year’s worth of her supplements. And if you sign up as a monthly donor for $17/month or more by March 17th, your first AND second month donations will be MATCHED by our Angel Donor in loving memory of her mom, Patty-O, making your monthly support go twice as far!

Your monthly commitment reduces the time we spend fundraising, helps us plan our operations, and – most important – allows us to rescue and care for senior pets we would otherwise be unable to help. Knowing that we have your ongoing support means that we can confidently say YES to many more loving, amazing souls. Martha and other senior pets like her need you to become a Constant Companion. Will you?

Join us in caring for homeless senior pets and your first two months’ gifts will be doubled!

Learn more or sign up here:

From Martha, all of our senior pets, and all of us at Young at Heart, thank you!

PS - if you sign up by March 17th, our sanctuary dog Opie will also make you a thank you video!

PPS - One time gifts are also matched dollar for dollar until March 17th, or until we hit our Angel Donor's $5000 challenge amount!

Martha St. Patrick's Day

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