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One of our newly rescued seniors, Violet (in the sweater) is being comforted by her wonderful foster brother and Young at Heart alum, Cubby. Violet had the first of two dentals that she will need to address the horrible state of her mouth, and Cubby is comforting her post-procedure. Violet had so many rotten and infected teeth that needed to be removed that the vet could only address half her teeth at this time in order to ensure that she was not under anesthesia too long.

Over 95% of the senior pets that Young at Heart rescues tend to have neglected teeth, and dental procedures are one of our biggest expenses. It is also one of the most important procedures that we can do for our senior pets. It not only brings them comfort (can you imagine trying to eat with a mouthful of painfully infected teeth and gums?!), but is also good for their overall health long term. The toxins from periodontal (dental) disease are absorbed into the dog's blood stream. As the kidneys, liver, and brain filter the blood, small infections occur causing permanent and at times fatal organ damage. After periodontal disease is treated, and the dogs are given proper home care, most dogs respond wonderfully due to the decreased pain and infection. Plus, the bonus is no more stinky breath! Violet's breath could knock you out from across the room!

Violet will feel so much better when all of the rotten and infected teeth are finally gone, and she can eat and enjoy life without a painful mouth. She is currently comfortable and enjoying lots of canned food. Thank you to all of our donors that make this very important treatment possible, especially our monthly donors that provide a steady stream of funds for the veterinary care our rescued senior pets need. If you would like to become a monthly donor, too, you can sign up at this link.

Violet and Cubby

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