Bentley found his #HappilyEverAfter


Wanna know why Bentley, age 12, is grinning from ear to ear?? Well, it's because he is ADOPTED and LOVED! 

Bentley has found his happily ever after with Joyce and Hector, who are very special members of the Young at Heart family! Through board membership (Joyce is our Board President), fostering dozens of senior dogs, volunteering and all-around dedication to the rescue and our mission, Joyce and Hector truly walk the walk, and talk the talk, when it comes to making a difference in the lives of senior pets in need. 

Bentley has found the happiest of happily ever afters, and we are so excited for the wonderful life he will have in his golden years! Joyce and Hector, your dedication and support is unmatched and our hearts are full of gratitude and love today! Bentley, you are the best! 

Bentley Adopted

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