Chad - Adopted and Loved!


Many of you may remember our posts of sweet Chad, age 11, who through no fault of his own was returned to the rescue earlier this year. It was heartbreaking for both him and his adopter, and we have been on the search ever since to find a quiet home where he could once again share all the love he has to give with a forever family. 

It took several months, and during that time he knew the love of an absolutely wonderful foster home, but today we are so excited to announce that Chad has found that family just in time for the holidays! His new mom and dad, Lynn and Dave, have been checking in daily and they are absolutely in love with him. In true Chad fashion, he's a bit nervous about his new life, but he's lavishing them with purrs and soaking up all the love they have to share with him. They are patient and understanding that he needs time to adjust and we can't imagine a better home for Chad! 

As we say time and time again, it takes a village to rescue and re-home our seniors, and from his amazing foster home, to the generous donor who covered his adoption fee, to his loving new family, all came together to make sure Chad only knows the good life in his golden years! 

Chad is a special kitty who has all of our hearts and we are so excited to welcome Lynn and Dave to the Young at Heart family of adopters! Thank you for giving Chad a home and family to call his own!

Chad Adopted

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