Chicago Rescue Day is Here!


Rescued and Loved! It's Chicago Rescue Day, and after almost a month in the shelter, Jack (age 10) is sleeping in a comfy bed tonight knowing that tomorrow will be a good day! 

Jack found himself surrendered to the shelter when his person had to move to an assisted care facility. It is situation faced by many of the seniors we rescue, but like all the others, we can tell he was one loved pup. Our hearts break for Jack and his person, but we'll make sure Jack has all he needs as he transitions into this new chapter of his life. We are catching up on some vet care that was overlooked over the years, but we hope he'll be as good as new in the very near future. So, please stay tuned for updates! 

In the meantime, Welcome Jack! And, thank you to Mitch for his freedom ride, and to his foster mom Dianne. They both dropped everything else to make sure Jack could join the Good Life here at Young at Heart!

Jack Rescued

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