Chloe on the Mend!


We just want to check in with an update on our sweet girl Chloe. She's been home from the hospital for a little over and week and she's hanging in there! She is the best little patient; her pancreatitis is under control and her pneumonia is gone, but her kidney values are still very concerning. She has good days and not-so-good days, and her appetite could be better, but we're making sure we meet her nutritional needs with the help of a feeding tube. We're able to give her every medication she needs through this tube, as well, and this helps immensely in keeping her feeling as well as possible. She even put on some weight at her last check up!

She greets every day with a tail wag, and she still loves walks around the block. And while she's not too keen yet on the special diet we make for her, she still begs for the occasional chicken nugget (shhh, don't tell her doctor) and we are more than happy to indulge her.

She'll see the specialist in a week, and while we're still holding out for a miracle that her kidney values will improve, we're also facing the reality that she is most likely in end-stage kidney failure. She joined our sanctuary program last week where the main goal is a life of pampering and comfort for however long she is with us. She's not ready to give up, so neither are we! We're going to stay the course and hope for the best as long as she seems happy.

Thank you for keeping Chloe in your thoughts and sending so much love. She feels all of it! 

Chloe Feeling Better

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